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Portfolio of Companies

United to Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges

ADDMAN was formed to help American companies accelerate their manufacturing. With an engineering-centric portfolio of diversified manufacturing brands, a partnership with ADDMAN delivers solutions for every part, at any volume, for every step of the product lifecycle.

Metal Additive

At Castheon, we specialize in the additive manufacturing of refractory metals, catering to the hypersonic, aerospace, and defense industries. With a foundation established in 2016, we have gained recognition for our rapid and robust AM process development. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we manufacture mission-critical components that offer superior strength and lighter weight, while ensuring faster time-to-market. Renowned for our expertise in high-quality, isotropic microstructures and advanced metallurgy, Castheon has become a trusted name in the industry. In 2021, we joined forces with the ADDMAN Group, led by the esteemed Dr. Youping Gao, solidifying our position as the hub for all metal additive manufacturing within the group. With our technological advancements, we are shaping the future of defense.

Polymer 3D Printing

Dinsmore, an esteemed player in the additive manufacturing sector, has built a solid reputation since its inception in 2003. The company has emerged as a reliable ally for businesses aiming to expedite their product development and market entry through the application of additive manufacturing techniques. Specializing in the rapid manufacturing of 3D polymer parts, Dinsmore offers a diverse range of applications across various industries. In 2023, the company joined forces with ADDMAN, further enhancing its capabilities and expanding its presence in the market. As part of the ADDMAN portfolio, Dinsmore takes a leading role in driving prototyping and low-rate initial production activities. With a comprehensive suite of production capabilities, including SLA, DLS, FDM, MJF, and PolyJet modalities, Dinsmore empowers its clients to gain a competitive edge through innovative additive manufacturing solutions.

Injection Molding

HARBEC, a respected provider of defense and medical solutions, has established itself as a leader in the advanced manufacturing industry. With a specialization in injection molding, precision machining, metal additive manufacturing, and in-house tool and die making, HARBEC delivers top-quality products and services. Since its foundation in 1977, HARBEC has operated a carbon-neutral facility, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company’s domestic injection molding capabilities are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and fast production speeds, making HARBEC a preferred choice for high-volume production requirements. Guided by “The HARBEC Way,” the company ensures that its solutions meet current needs while upholding a steadfast focus on maintaining the quality standards required for a sustainable future. Additionally, HARBEC offers cutting-edge metal additive manufacturing and CNC machining services, further expanding its capabilities and providing comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse demands of its customers.

CNC Machining

ADDMAN Precision is a dynamic CNC manufacturing powerhouse formed by the merger of Domaille Engineering, Stanley Engineering, and Tech Manufacturing. By combining the collective expertise and resources of these industry leaders, we have created a comprehensive solution to meet all your precision machining needs. Our state-of-the-art machinery, including 3-7-axis CNC turning centers, wire EDM systems, and a full range of processing and finishing capabilities, ensures that we deliver unmatched quality standards. With a rich heritage in precision machining spanning over 50 years, ADDMAN Precision has the knowledge and experience to cater to a wide variety of industries. Our technical specialty lies in CNC machining of exotic materials, as well as cold plates and manifolds.