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Supplier Information

Below you’ll find all of ADDMAN’s supplier documents for every location.

Corporate Headquarters - Innovation & Development

Fort Myers, FL

At our headquarters facility in Fort Myers, FL, we specialize in research, development, and training for metal and polymer additive manufacturing technologies. With a dedicated focus on advancing these innovative processes, we strive to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing, ensuring cutting-edge solutions and expertise in the field.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Thousand Oaks, CA

The Castheon Production Center located in Thousand Oaks, CA is where we specialize in metal additive manufacturing with a particular focus on hypersonic applications.

Polymer 3D Printing

Irvine, CA

The Dinsmore Production Center, situated in Irvine, CA, is a specialized facility focusing on polymer 3D printing for prototyping and low-rate initial production activities within the ADDMAN portfolio.

Injection Molding

Ontario, NY

Situated in Ontario, NY, the HARBEC Production Center is committed to injection molding and sustainable manufacturing. In addition to these specialties, the site also provides CNC machining and metal additive manufacturing capabilities.

CNC Machining

Rochester, MN

Our production site is situated in Rochester, MN, and is also known as Domaille Engineering. Our expertise extends to working with exotic materials, as well as crafting cold plates and manifolds.

CNC Machining

Baltimore, MD

Our production site in Baltimore, MD, also known as Stanley Engineering, excels in high-volume component production. With advanced automation and complex assemblies, we achieve exceptional quality.

CNC Machining

St. Louis, MO

Located in St. Louis, MO, also known as Tech Manufacturing, our production site excels in producing complex, tight tolerance parts of medium to large size. With expertise spanning diverse industries, our renowned work with titanium is highly regarded in the defense sector, specifically for airframe applications.