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Thermal Management

ADDMAN specializes in delivering solutions that conduct heat into and out of delicate and specialized systems. Ranging from cold plates, to heat sinks, to heat exchangers, to battery cell components we have decades of experience providing premium quality and high value parts. Our expertise covers the full gamut of materials and manufacturing techniques, including ultra-high performance 3D printed cold plates.

Unleash the Power of Efficient Cooling with our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

At ADDMAN, we take pride in revolutionizing thermal management solutions with our cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Our range of products is designed to meet the most demanding cooling requirements in various industries. Whether you need high-performance cooling for advanced electronics or industrial applications, we have the perfect solution for you.

The Pinnacle of Heat Dissipation

Cold Plates

Experience unmatched thermal performance with our advanced cold plates. Manufactured using premium quality materials, our cold plates efficiently dissipate heat from sensitive electronic components, ensuring optimal system functionality. Our design experts work closely with clients to create customized cold plates that precisely match their requirements, resulting in seamless integration and maximum efficiency.

Pushing the Boundaries of Cooling

Heat Exchangers & Heat Sinks

Our heat sinks and heat exchangers are engineered to perfection, delivering exceptional cooling capabilities to even the most heat-intensive applications. With a focus on precision engineering, we create heat sinks and exchangers that guarantee low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity. From standard designs to highly specialized solutions, we cater to a diverse array of industries and applications.

Innovative Manufacturing Techniques

Conformal Cooling

Conformal cooling is a technique employed during the injection molding process to efficiently cool plastic parts. Its purpose is to evenly remove heat from intricate and complex part geometries. The method involves using metal 3D printing to create customized cooling channels that precisely conform to the shape of the part.

By placing cooling channels near corners and intricate features of the part, conformal cooling achieves what conventional methods like milling or drilling can’t. These curved channels are strategically wrapped around the part to cool hard-to-reach sections that are typically challenging to cool uniformly. The advantages of conformal cooling include faster cooling times, improved cooling efficiency, enhanced part quality, and cost reductions.

Achieve high-quality finished parts