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Supplier Information

Our organization provides access to the latest documentation for ordering purposes to suppliers affiliated with Stanley Engineering, an ADDMAN Group company.

To conveniently access our Terms and Conditions all you need to do is click on the collapsible menus provided below.

Stanley Engineering Terms and Conditions

  • All shelf-life-sensitive materials must include the Manufacturing Date and Expiration Date.
  • Unless otherwise specified, suppliers shall use and certify to the latest revision of process and/or material specifications at the time the purchase order is issued.
  • Counterfeit parts shall not be supplied under this purchase order. All parts and materials must be authentic.
  • Suppliers are expected to conduct business in a legal and ethical manner, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, anti-human trafficking, and export control.


  • Packaging materials, procedures, and workmanship shall be of good commercial quality and practice.
  • Each part shall be individually protected and adequately padded and/or wrapped to prevent rupture of protective material and shipping container.
  • Packaging materials must be compatible with the product to eliminate the possibility of damage and deterioration.
  • The product shall be packaged to provide adequate physical, chemical, and cleanliness protection.


  • SEC requires its suppliers to maintain quality records associated with our mutual interest for five years, or longer if required by our customers and stated on our P.O.
  • These requirements flow down to any sub-tier supplier performing any process on our product or supplying any additional component which becomes part of our product.
  • Technical data provided by SEC or its customers is proprietary and cannot be disclosed to other customers, foreign entities, or any other entity, under any circumstances, without SEC permission.
  • SEC special process suppliers are prohibited from procurement of any hardware or parts without specific SEC authorization.
  • SEC complies with the conflict minerals program which restricts the use of tantalum, gold, tin, and tungsten, originating from certain central African countries. Our suppliers are required to provide source information for any of these minerals when requested. This may be provided in the format of the <>, or a list of minerals used, smelter names, and locations.
  • SEC requires our suppliers to ensure their personnel are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.
  • Suppliers must employ individuals authorized to work in the United States and must employ due diligence to avoid any involvement in human trafficking.
  • Supplier agrees to perform a new FAI on any existing work performed, as directed by SEC Quality Assurance.
  • Notifications: SEC must be notified immediately of any nonconformities affecting our product and reserves the right to disposition all nonconformities; process changes; loss of certification status; sub-tier supplier changes; facilities relocation; or other factors having potential impact on the conformity of our products.
  • Stanley Engineering Co., Inc. (SEC) reserves the right to schedule and visit the seller’s facility with reasonable notice for quality assurance purposes. This right extends to our customers and regulatory agencies. The agenda for any such visit could include process evaluation and the review of pertinent records.

Effective 6/08/2023