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Castheon Hypersonics

Hypersonics by Castheon set performance standards for space and missile applications. We swiftly 3D print and deliver hypersonic parts to meet accelerated testing demands. Utilizing top-notch refractory metal alloys, advanced cooling designs, and streamlined geometries, we craft low-drag hypersonic components for exceptional speed and altitude.

What are refractory alloys?

Refractory alloys are a specialized class of metallic alloys engineered to maintain their structural integrity and mechanical properties at extremely high temperatures, making them suitable for applications in high-temperature and severe environmental conditions. These alloys possess excellent thermal stability, high melting points, and resistance to thermal expansion, making them ideal for use in applications such as aerospace, power generation, nuclear reactors, and specialized industrial processes.

Key characteristics of refractory alloys include:

  • Have high melting points exceeding 2,000 degrees Celsius (3,632 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Maintain mechanical strength and other properties at extreme temperatures.
  • Exhibit low thermal expansion and resist dimensional changes at high temperatures.

Challenges with Refractory Alloys

Traditionally, refractory metals posed challenges in the hypersonic realm due to their resistance to conventional processing methods like machining and forging. Their complexity, coupled with high costs, restricted usage in applications favoring simple shapes and minimal material removal, where more easily manufacturable superalloys fell short of meeting specifications. However, the landscape is now changing with the emergence of additive manufacturing (AM) and the pioneering research by Dr. Youping Gao, ADDMAN’s Chief Scientist and Founder of Castheon.


How Niobium C103 is Paving the Way for Next-Generation Materials

Embark on an aerospace journey like never before. Our eBook unveils the incredible story of Niobium C103—a superalloy that has earned its wings in the aerospace industry. Dive into the historical narrative, understand its unmatched properties, and witness its transformational role in aviation. Ready to soar? Download the eBook now.

Metal Additive for Hypersonics

Our breakthrough in utilizing Niobium C103 and other refractory alloys through Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) technology, enables rapid and efficient production of components that excel in the high-temperature realm of hypersonics, redefining aerospace and defense capabilities with lightweight, high-strength solutions that meet the extreme demands of hypersonic travel.

Key Highlights:

  • Precision Engineering: Explore intricate designs tailored for hypersonic speeds through metal additive manufacturing
  • Material Innovation: Discover cutting-edge materials with superior thermal resistance and mechanical properties, perfect for hypersonic flight
  • Enhanced Performance: Elevate your mission with components designed for superior aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and overall hypersonic performance
AM vs Wrought Material Characteristics

Castheon’s 3D-printed Niobium C103 surpasses traditional wrought materials by leveraging key improvements through precise control of rapid solidification in the LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion) process. This method ensures the metal’s integrity even under extreme conditions, enhancing grain boundary properties crucial for material performance. Additionally, the LPBF process allows for the creation of stable oxide and carbide structures, enhancing its strength. The material’s compatibility with welding and brazing expands its fabricability. Proven through extensive third-party testing and successful space flight missions, Castheon’s 3D-printed Niobium C103 stands as a superior choice, excelling in critical aspects over wrought materials.

Industry Leading Expertise

Castheon was founded in 2016 by rocket industry veteran, Dr. Youping Gao, who leveraged refractory metals, especially Niobium, to overcome modern limitations. Our services range from additive manufacturing to precision machining of refractories.

Read Dr. Youping Gao’s scientific contributions in this industry-leading NASA report:

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