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Are you struggling to find a reliable manufacturing partner who can provide you with high-quality, precise, and efficient solutions for the medical industry? Look no further than ADDMAN. We understand the challenges you face in producing complex and precise medical parts that meet the strict requirements of the healthcare industry.

Medical Manufacturing

Don’t let manufacturing challenges hold you back from providing top-quality medical devices to your customers. 

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and team of experts, we offer metal additive manufacturing for intricate medical parts, polymer 3D printing for digital anatomy models and durable medical equipment, cost-effective injection molding for high-volume parts, and precision machining for accurate surgical instruments. We know that every medical device is critical and requires utmost precision, so we ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of quality.


Technologies for Medical Device Manufacturing

In this in-depth eBook, we will explore the diverse technology portfolio of ADDMAN and its comprehensive ability to support medical applications across various fields. From Polymer 3D Printing to Metal Additive Manufacturing, Injection Molding to CNC Machining, we will delve into the remarkable capabilities and advancements that are revolutionizing medical manufacturing.

Cleanroom Production

The ADDMAN quality process includes the most advanced technology and internal controls to ensure products meet all specifications. Our cleanrooms are ISO Class 8 certified. In a controlled environment, the cleanroom offers customers high-quality, tight-tolerance, sustainable manufacturing solutions.

The cleanroom minimizes microbes and bacteria by filtering air through a HEPA filter, which pressurizes the room and removes 99.9% of all particles—an extremely important factor in applications for which cleanliness is integral.


  • ISO Class 8 (FED 100,000) Clean Room Molding (certificate)
  • Laminar flow clean room
  • Daily particle monitoring
  • Optimized for production, & prototype, clean room molding
  • 55-400 ton electric injection molding machine options with a 1.95-38oz. shot size depending on the application
  • Cleanroom secondary operations include labeling and packaging
Metal and Polymer 3D Printing

As an advanced 3D printing company, ADDMAN has developed expertise in both metal and polymer printing technologies.

We use cutting-edge metal printing technology to produce surgical tools that are both durable and precise, ensuring that they can withstand even the most rigorous medical procedures.

With our polymer printing technology, we are able to produce accurate and detailed digital anatomy models that can be used for medical research and training purposes. By utilizing the latest 3D printing technologies, our team at ADDMAN is able to offer innovative solutions that can help advance the field of medicine and improve patient outcomes.

Injection Molding Medical Solutions

The medical industry uses injection molding to manufacture a wide variety of products, which offers numerous advantages. Injection molding of medical-grade plastics is used to produce medical devices, components, laboratory and facility equipment, and more. A key advantage of injection molding lies in its ability to meet the exacting specifications and regulatory requirements of the medical industry.

ISO 13485-certified

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