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Appointment Announcement: Dr. Youping Gao Named Chief Scientist & EVP of Technology


We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Youping Gao as its Chief Scientist & Executive Vice President of Technology. This is a new executive staff position for ADDMAN and highlights the company’s commitment to delivering solutions for space and hypersonic applications. Doctor Gao said, “as a 25-year veteran of additive manufacturing in the space industry I believe we are living during a convergence of scientific and industrial capabilities that ADDMAN is harnessing to yield incredible results for our customers.”

Joe Calmese, CEO said, “Adding Dr. Gao to our staff is an honor. Beyond his experience in the space industry, and his long track record of innovations in additive, we’re most excited about Dr. Gao’s commitment to teaching others and serving the industry in exciting new ways.” Calmese went on to highlight ADDMAN’s strategic commitment by saying, “Our partners want us to solve the most important and complex manufacturing challenges of our time. Our partners want us to have a team of world class engineers, scientists, and manufacturing professionals to deliver mission critical products when they need it – and where they need it. ADDMAN’s expansion in California gives us the proximity to our partners to enable the near real time innovation that is need to move our industry forward.”

Doctor Gao’s work has been recognized by commercial and defense entities for its excellence in many alloys including niobium, copper, and high strength aluminum. Dr. Gao spent 21 years at Aerojet Rocketdyne with their advanced propulsion manufacturing capabilities. Gao is a Fellow of the Laser Institute and in that role, he led the AM development effort that was the 1st in the nation to achieve NASA certification for AM production of mission critical components for Manned Spaceflight.

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