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Strengthen Your FDM Parts with ADDCAAM®

ADDCAAM® (Computer-Aided Additive Manufacturing) is a proprietary technology that delivers stronger parts and reduced porosity for FDM parts.

Say Goodbye to Weak FDM Parts

Traditional Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) parts often suffer from weaknesses in the X/Y plane, leading to compromised strength and increased porosity. These issues limit the performance and reliability of 3D-printed polymer components, particularly in demanding applications such as the aerospace and automotive industries. ADDMAN’s ADDCAAM solution revolutionizes the 3D printing process by leveraging our proprietary CAAM (Computer Aided Additive Manufacturing) methodology. This cutting-edge software transforms conventional sliced files into an interlocking infill structure called InterFill 3D, producing parts that are 70% stronger and exhibit 100 times less porosity than industry standards. With ADDCAAM, manufacturers can achieve unparalleled strength and performance in their FDM parts, ensuring superior quality and reliability.

How ADDCAAM Transforms 3D Printing

At the core of ADDCAAM is its ability to convert conventional sliced files into an interlocking infill structure. This approach not only enhances the strength of the parts but also guarantees uniformity and durability in all dimensions.

Slicing and Analysis: The process begins with slicing the 3D model into layers, as in standard 3D printing. ADDCAAM, however, takes an extra step by analyzing the sliced file to pinpoint potential weaknesses, especially in the X/Y plane.

Interlocking Infill Structure: Instead of relying on traditional linear or grid infill patterns, ADDCAAM creates a unique interlocking infill structure. This structure interlocks at various points, providing enhanced cohesion between layers and throughout the entire part. The interlocking pattern is designed to distribute stress more evenly, significantly improving the part’s overall strength and durability.

Material Optimization: ADDCAAM optimizes material deposition during the printing process. By aligning the infill structure with the directions of anticipated stress, the software ensures that the material is utilized most efficiently, minimizing waste and boosting part performance. This optimization also reduces anisotropy, resulting in more uniform mechanical properties across the printed part.

How we print stronger FDM Parts | AskADDMAN Ep. 12

The twelfth installment of our #askADDMAN series features Dan Saberton, Engineering Manager, discussing how ADDCAAM works.

❓ How do we solve FDM part strength issues with slicing software?

❗ ANSWER: With ADDCAAM addresses the X/Y plane weakness in FDM polymer parts. The software transforms conventionally sliced files into an interlocking infill structure. ADDCAAM delivers parts that boast an astonishing 70% increase in strength while reducing porosity by a factor of 100.


Printer-Agnostic Compatibility

  • One of the standout features of ADDCAAM is its printer-agnostic design. This means the software can be used with a wide range of 3D printers, making it a versatile solution for various manufacturing environments.
  • The software adjusts its output to suit the specific capabilities and limitations of different printers, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the equipment used.

Enhanced Part Strength

  • The interlocking infill structure and optimized material deposition result in parts that are up to 70% stronger than those produced with conventional slicing methods.
  • This increased strength makes the parts suitable for high-stress applications, such as aerospace and automotive components, where reliability and performance are critical.

Reduced Porosity

  • ADDCAAM significantly reduces porosity by ensuring a more consistent and dense infill pattern. Parts produced with ADDCAAM exhibit 100 times less porosity compared to industry standards.
  • This reduction in porosity enhances the mechanical properties of the parts, making them more durable and reliable.

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