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A Timeline of innovation

Our History

We invite you to journey with us through the milestones and achievements that have shaped our organization into what it is today, powering the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.



From Vision to Manufacturing Powerhouse

ADDMAN was founded in late 2020 by Mark Saberton, who now serves as our Chief Technical Officer. Mark believed that additive manufacturing could address the hurdles faced by manufacturing organizations, provided it was utilized correctly and with the aid of a suitable partner. Pursuing this vision, Mark transformed ADDMAN from a team of one into an enterprise of over 500 staff members, located across six sites.

Backed by American Industrial Partners

Our organization was born out of American Industrial Partners as an Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence, and we continue to uphold that standard today by powering the pursuit of manufacturing excellence through our innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

"ADDMAN will continue to combine all technologies, modern and traditional, to maximize customer outcomes."

Partner, American Industrial Partners & ADDMAN Board Member


APRIL 2021

Cementing Metal Additive Expertise

In Spring of 2021, ADDMAN accomplished its inaugural acquisition of 3rd Dimension Industrial Printing. This acquisition enriched ADDMAN’s portfolio by providing an extensive array of metal printing capabilities, in addition to conventional subtractive processes. The proficient staff at 3rd Dimension brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realm of intricate metal Additive Manufacturing. Bob Markley, the founder of 3rd Dimension, presently serves as the Executive Vice President for ADDMAN.


Growth Mode, Activated

ADDMAN purchased The Domaille Family of Companies with the aim of expanding its traditional manufacturing footprint. With the acquisition of Tech Manufacturing, Stanley Engineering, and Domaille Engineering, ADDMAN has gained access to three new CNC machining facilities and unique capabilities that cater to its customers, especially those in the aerospace sector.

In addition, Domaille Engineering also has an independent fiber optics business, which operates under its own brand name.


The Undisputed Leader in Hypersonics

On December 31, 2021, Castheon and Dr. Youping Gao became part of ADDMAN Group, bringing with them extensive experience in the domain of refractory alloys, Niobium C103, and metal 3D printing. Castheon now serves as the center of metal additive manufacturing at ADDMAN, delivering advanced technology and inventive solutions that are revolutionizing the defense industry.


November 2022

Full Lifecycle Solutions

HARBEC was welcomed into the ADDMAN family and unlocked end-to-end polymer product lifecycle services for customers with high-volume and complex injection molding capabilities.

Built with a vision of sustainable manufacturing, HARBEC’s 110,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility is carbon and water neutral with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications for environmental and energy policy. HARBEC’s other ESG accolades include the 2016 EPA “Green Power Leadership” Award, the NIST MEP Excellence in Sustainability Award, and the New York State Department of Energy Conservation Excellence Award.


January 2023

Dinsmore Joins ADDMAN

Dinsmore is known for its expertise in go-to-market and rapid manufacturing, supporting prototyping and low-volume production for customers with a concentration in medical applications. Dinsmore uses leading technologies such as MJF, PolyJet, DLS, DLP, SLA, FFF and FDM.

By joining forces with Dinsmore, we have the largest roster of AMUG-awarded DINOs in a single company.  The Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG) awards Distinguished Innovator Operators Awards (DINO) to honor top leaders in the additive field.

ADDMAN’s five DINO employees and advisors include: Dr. Youping Gao, Bob Markley, Jay Dinsmore, Bill Braune and Jason Lopes.

"We solve problems first and print second. Some of the most recognized in our field resonate with this mission and chose to be a part of the culture we are building."


April 2023

Footprint Expansion

A new corporate headquarters and innovation center is opened in Fort Myers Florida. Castheon also grew into a larger facility in Los Angeles to accommodate organic business growth. Castheon is the best place to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing technology and to solve our customers’ biggest challenges. Dr. Gao has developed a scalable approach to improving material properties and expanding the design envelope.

Our corporate headquarters will be home to ADDMAN University, a hands-on training program to further additive industrialization and share best-practices from our team of experts.

We’ll continue to invest in our team, facility, and training to scale capacity and maintain our commitment to innovation.

Developing Milestones for Tomorrow

With every passing day, our company’s history is being written through our commitment to growth, innovation, and development. As we continue to expand and enhance our solutions, we remain steadfast in our mission to help our customers accelerate their manufacturing processes and achieve their goals.

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