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Elevate Performance with Super C103™

Unlock the potential of high-performance materials with Super C103™, the pinnacle of niobium-based alloys. Engineered for excellence, our proprietary alloy delivers unmatched strength and durability at extreme temperatures, setting a new standard for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.

What is Niobium Super C103™?

Niobium Super C103™ is an advanced high-performance alloy developed through proprietary and patented techniques. This Niobium-based alloy powder incorporates strategically distributed high-grain carbon particles during the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process, which significantly improves the structural integrity and high-temperature capabilities of the final product.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-Temperature Stability: Maintains exceptional strength and structural integrity at extreme temperatures, making it ideal for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.
  • Enhanced Oxidation Resistance: Exhibits superior resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures, ensuring long-term performance in harsh environments.
  • Improved Creep Resistance: Engineered to resist deformation under high stress and temperatures, extending the lifespan of critical components.
  • Durability and Strength: Provides robust and reliable performance in demanding applications, setting a new standard for high-performance materials.


  • Aerospace: Components for jet engines, rocket nozzles, and other high-temperature parts.
  • Defense: Hypersonic missiles and advanced military systems.
  • Industrial: Components for high-temperature furnaces and other critical industrial equipment.

Dr. Youping Gao: The Visionary Behind Super C103™

Dr. Youping Gao, the driving force behind the development of Super C103™, has revolutionized the field of additive manufacturing with his innovative approach. As the lead scientist at Castheon, Dr. Gao’s expertise in material science and engineering has been instrumental in creating this advanced niobium-based alloy. His pioneering work involves the strategic distribution of high-grain carbon particles within the Niobium C103 powder during the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process, significantly enhancing the material’s structural integrity and high-temperature performance.

Dr. Gao’s vision and dedication have not only addressed the traditional challenges of refractory alloys, such as poor creep resistance and inadequate oxidation resistance, but also expanded their applications to new frontiers. Under his leadership, Castheon has set a new standard for high-performance materials, paving the way for the next generation of aerospace, defense, and industrial technologies. Dr. Gao’s contributions to the development of Super C103™ underscore his commitment to advancing the boundaries of what is possible in additive manufacturing.

Why Combine Super C103™ and Additive Manufacturing (AM)?

Incorporating Super C103™ into Additive Manufacturing (AM) revolutionizes refractory materials by overcoming limitations in fabricability, oxidation resistance, and creep performance. AM allows intricate designs and complex geometries, enhancing material properties and performance.

Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF), Castheon boosts Super C103™’s strength and creep resistance while mitigating grain boundary oxidation, without altering the alloy’s composition. This ensures reliable performance at temperatures up to 3,300°F, ideal for rocket engines.

Refractory metal AM is highly cost-efficient and faster than traditional methods. Super C103™ AM components exhibit superior strength and durability at hypersonic temperatures, providing significant advantages in cost, lead time, and performance. This innovation sets a new standard for high-performance materials.

The "Gao Block" Standard

The Gao Block is a physical metallurgy-based creation that accelerates and enhances the improvement of AM parameters and microstructure, resulting in the strongest possible material strength. Not only does it quicken the AM process parameters, but it also helps enhance the microstructure for top-notch material qualities. A seamless build of a Gao Block without any distortions is a clear indicator of successful AM parameters for a particular alloy.