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ADDMAN expands industrial production capabilities by joining Roboze 3D Parts Network


Chicago, IL – May 2, 2023

RAPID+TCT 2023 News: ADDMAN, US provider of a diverse range of manufacturing solutions, during Rapid+TCT 2023, announces its entry into the Roboze 3D Parts Network with the goal of expanding its industrial manufacturing capabilities with additive manufacturing systems.

RAPID+TCT is the largest and most significant additive manufacturing event in North America. Every year, the players choose this event as a stage to present their technological and business innovations. Among these, today ADDMAN announces its strategic choice to join the Roboze 3D Parts Network. ADDMAN offers solutions to serve its customers from prototyping and development projects to the end of the product life cycle. The group includes a manufacturing network of 4 different companies and over 500 employees, with production extending from coast to coast.

“We are pleased to become a part of the Roboze 3D Parts Network,” says Joe Calmese, CEO of ADDMAN.“We found a partner in Roboze who shares our vision for the present and future of manufacturing – utilizing technology and innovation to address the challenges we face. The shift towards digital manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in light of changing market demands and environmental concerns, and we believe that Roboze can help us achieve the best for our customers.”

Pictured: Jay Dinsmore, Francesco Pantaleone, Mark Saberton, Joe Calmese

Roboze 3D Parts, in fact, is the ever-expanding Network, created by Roboze to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable production. The Network brings together customers, innovative companies, and service bureaus to help other companies reduce costs and time by shortening the steps of the current supply chain, digitizing inventory, producing components on demand, and just in time with the 3D printing technological ecosystem created by Roboze. The vision is to deploy additive manufacturing at a time when the world needs it most. COVID-19 has exposed the manufacturing gaps in today’s global supply chain, as components are manufactured at a central location and shipped worldwide. Distributed manufacturing will shorten lead times and help reduce the impact of C02 emissions.

“We are proud to have ADDMAN in our network,” says Francesco Pantaleone, EVP of Business Development of Roboze. “ADDMAN engineering excellence is enabling blue chip customers in regulated industries across the United States to successfully overcome their most demanding manufacturing challenges. This is very aligned with our mission and the core objectives of ROBOZE’s technology. I am convinced that the synergy between the two companies will propel ahead advanced manufacturing bringing to U.S. customers new technical solutions never possible before. 

With the high demand for applications with super polymers and composite materials in different industrial sectors, bringing production back to the point of use with Roboze solutions is now possible. This transition can no longer be delayed.




Roboze develops, produces, and sells innovative 3D printing solutions, with the aim of helping manufacturing companies around the world digitize their production processes, replacing obsolete production methods, and producing super polymer components just in time and on demand.

Thanks to a constant investment in research and development in the field of materials engineering, new technologies, and industrial services, in a few years Roboze has grown, with professionalism and competence, coming to challenge the most important solution design companies of 3D printing worldwide, becoming a leader in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Defense sectors.

With offices in Europe and the United States, today Roboze represents a key partner for speeding up production deployment and scalability by offering the ability to manufacture the exact number of parts needed locally in a flexible way ensuring production continuity even when demand changes unexpectedly.


ADDMAN delivers solutions to serve customers from prototyping and development projects, all the way through product end-of-life.

ADDMAN manufacturing network is comprised of 4 different companies and over 500 employees, with a coat-to-coast production footprint. Each brand adds unique manufacturing capabilities to the portfolio. The Group is inherently additive-enabled and has significant expertise in both metal additive manufacturing and polymer 3D printing. On the traditional manufacturing side, ADDMAN has 3 facilities dedicated to precision CNC machining and a site with domestic injection molding capabilities.

All these manufacturing modalities are backed by a team of engineers, with diverse industry expertise to guide customers and help them solve complex challenges. As a start-up business, ADDMAN’s guiding charter as they scale is “any part, any volume, every step of the way”. ADDMAN infrastructure allows us to deliver full lifecycle solutions that support every phase of our client’s product roadmaps.

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