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ADDMAN Precision

CNC Machining has a new face within ADDMAN Group! We are thrilled to launch the formation of ADDMAN Precision, a unified brand that combines Domaille Engineering, Stanley Engineering, and Tech Manufacturing. This consolidation is designed with our employees and customers in mind, bringing together the collective expertise and resources of our CNC machining centers of excellence.

Our primary focus is to empower you, our valued employees, by providing enhanced opportunities and a broader range of capabilities to support professional growth and enable you to deliver exceptional results. Our people are an essential part of our success, and we value your contributions.


We understand that as an employee you may have questions and seek quick and helpful information. That’s why we’ve created an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) specifically tailored to address your common queries.

At the heart of this consolidation is our commitment to our employees. We believe that by simplifying the customer experience and streamlining the quoting process, we can create a more efficient and productive work environment for you. This consolidation will help us reduce costs, which in turn can lead to greater stability and growth opportunities for our employees. Moreover, it opens up avenues for knowledge sharing and resource pooling, allowing you to tap into a wealth of expertise and collaborate with colleagues across various areas of specialization. The ultimate goal is to empower you to deliver better products, services, and a wider range of capabilities to our valued customers. By investing in our employees and fostering a supportive work environment, we aim to maximize your potential and create a fulfilling career experience.

We deeply value our employees and their contributions to our success. That’s why we have undertaken a consolidation of our operations with a strong focus on your needs and well-being. By streamlining the quoting process and simplifying our services, we aim to make your job easier, saving you valuable time and effort. This consolidation also provides an opportunity for us to combine our collective expertise and resources, enabling us to develop and deliver improved products and services that are specifically tailored to meet your needs. You can expect access to a wider range of capabilities and specialized knowledge, empowering you to provide the best possible solutions to our customers while ensuring cost-efficiency. We are committed to continuously enhancing your job satisfaction and fostering an employee-centric environment that promotes growth, development, and a fulfilling work experience. Together, we will deliver exceptional results and create a workplace where you feel valued, supported, and motivated to excel.

The brand refresh may affect some day-to-day work and processes, such as updating marketing materials and communications, but it should not significantly impact operations.

The brand refresh should not impact our relationships with suppliers and partners.

Some internal and external documents or materials may need to be updated to reflect the new brand identity.

Employees are encouraged to use the new ADDMAN Precision company as their employer. Example: “I work at ADDMAN Precision, Wright City”

It depends. If ordered from HARBEC, as the leading brand, this would be a HARBEC order. If engaging with ADDMAN Precision as the leading brand, and we chose to produce at HARBEC, this is an ADDMAN Precision order. Again, how this is communicated to the customer is at the discretion of the BD / PM team.

Customers should expect to see ADDMAN Precision branding across all facilities and communications, but operating terms and conditions will remain the same.

Customers will receive a memo in the form of an email. The sales leader will communicate directly with their contact at those companies for large customers.

While there may be some initial confusion from customers, we will communicate the changes clearly and ensure a smooth transition. Any questions or concerns from customers should be addressed promptly and transparently.

Our mission and values will not change as part of the rebranding. The refresh is meant to better reflect our existing values and identity.

ADDMAN Precision’s messaging platform is dedicated to precision and innovation, empowering customers to bring their most innovative ideas to life with the highest level of precision possible. Its “Precision That Powers Innovation” tagline supports its overarching creative platform, “Power the Pursuit.”

ADDMAN Precision is your one-stop shop for CNC machining needs. With the combined capabilities of Domaille Engineering, Stanley Engineering, and Tech Manufacturing, ADDMAN is dedicated to delivering the highest quality standards in the industry. Our state-of-the-art precision machining capabilities include 3-7-axis milling, turning centers, wire EDM systems, and a full range of processing and finishing elements.