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ADDMAN Secures Qualification Project for CuNi Submarine Fittings with the US Navy

The project includes utilizing 3D Systems Technology

In a development aimed at reinforcing the United States’ national security capabilities, ADDMAN Group, via its HARBEC business unit, has been entrusted with a pivotal qualification project for the US Navy. This project focuses on the Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Copper-Nickel (CuNi) components in submarine fittings, promising to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape for naval applications. Collaborating with industry leaders such as Phillips, Austal USA, the US Navy, and Blue Forge Alliance, this initiative is a critical component of the Navy’s strategic plan to overcome supply chain challenges and meet its ambitious “2+1” submarine production targets.

Addressing the pressing issue of extended lead times and quality concerns associated with traditional castings—which can exceed 12 months with a high scrap rate—this AM qualification project will significantly reduce procurement cycles and enhance component quality. “The challenges of traditional casting methods have impeded the Navy’s ability to meet its production goals. Through this project, we are not just solving a supply chain issue; we are contributing to national security,” stated Robert Dunn, Sr. Director of Hypersonic and Maritime Business Development at ADDMAN. “Leveraging Additive Manufacturing for these critical components, we can eliminate the limitations of casting, offering superior material properties and faster production times.”

The project stands as a testament to ADDMAN’s commitment to innovation, demonstrating how strategic collaborations and technological advancements can address the complex challenges faced by the defense sector. The successful implementation of this project will not only ensure a more robust and resilient supply chain but also solidify the US Navy’s position at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring readiness and strategic superiority.  This will continue through the entire lifecycle of the programs as repair components can be sourced and reduce time in dock. “A primary mission of Austal USA is to bring new production capacity into the Submarine Industrial Base,” said Don Hairston, General Manager, Austal USA Advanced Technologies. “We are excited to work with ADDMAN Group to deliver on that mission.”

ADDMAN’s approach involves the collective expertise and resources of its seven production sites across the United States, including the specialized skills of the HARBEC unit in Rochester, NY. This collaboration underscores a holistic strategy aimed at exploring scalable solutions for the production of AM Naval components, enabling the Navy to achieve its production and operational objectives.

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