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Decoding the Significance: The Hidden Meanings Behind Our Company Names

By Liz Schmittou, Brand Strategy and Marketing Leader

The Birth of ADDMAN

In a world that is constantly evolving and adapting, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and stay true to their core values. That is the story of ADDMAN, a name that represents a vision to industrialize ADDitive MANufacturing and provide advanced solutions to complex production challenges.

At ADDMAN, our mission is to add value to your products and processes and revolutionize the way things are made through our problem-solving ADDitive MANpower. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in our cutting-edge equipment, expert team of professionals, and relentless drive to always be better.

Our family of companies harmoniously ties into our foundation, which is no coincidence. Each one of our sub-brands represents a unique aspect of our mission, vision, and values. From the name to the products and services offered, each of these companies reflects the quality, innovation, and expertise that we bring to the table. They represent the very best that ADDMAN has to offer and we are proud to have them as part of the ADDMAN family.


The Culture of Castheon

Unleashing the power of innovation and creativity, the Castheon name was born from the mind of a visionary leader in the aerospace industry, Dr. Youping Gao. The name is derived from Greek mythology and Pantheon history, meaning “Where the Metal Gods Meet”, it is also associated with the Chinese term “triumph voyager”. The name serves as a powerful symbol of the vital role played by metal additive innovation in hypersonic, military, and defense sectors.

As a true innovator in the field of metal additive manufacturing, Dr. Gao boasts 20 years of unmatched experience and has developed the iconic Gao Block, which is depicted in the company’s new logo. The Gao Block is a physical metallurgy-based creation that accelerates and enhances the improvement of AM parameters and microstructures, resulting in the strongest possible material strength. Not only does it quicken the AM process parameter development, but it also helps enhance the microstructure for top-notch material qualities. A seamless build of a Gao Block without any distortions is a clear indicator of successful AM parameters for a particular alloy.

Castheon is poised to take the aerospace industry to new heights and lead the way in the use of metal additive innovation and technology. Castheon’s mission is to push the boundaries of what is possible and drive progress forward in the hypersonic and military and defense sectors.



The HARBEC brand represents a company that prioritizes making a positive impact. Since 1977, its founder, Bob Bechtold, infused it with a passion for excellence and innovation in the fields of injection molding, machining, and additive manufacturing. HARBEC embodies the best of the industry through its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company has been carbon and water neutral since 2014 and continues to raise the bar with its practices, known as “The HARBEC Way”.

Injection molding is at the heart of what HARBEC does, and the company is renowned for its expertise in this field. Utilizing its suite of capabilities with a focus on quality and precision, HARBEC has earned a reputation for delivering some of the most advanced and innovative injection molded products on the market.

The lightbulb in the HARBEC logo is a shining testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. This symbol represents their relentless pursuit of new ideas and solutions that will bring about a brighter and greener future for all. The earth within the lightbulb symbolizes the company’s steadfast dedication to environmental responsibility and their constant pursuit of technical innovation that benefits both people and the planet. Their tagline, “technical innovation with environmental responsibility,” encapsulates their mission to use the power of technology to create a better world for all.


The Legacy of Dinsmore

The Dinsmore name is a symbol of excellence and innovation in the world of Polymer 3D printing. It represents the passion, dedication, and expertise of its founder, Jay Dinsmore. Jay is a visionary leader in the polymer 3D printing sector and has dedicated his 30-year career to advancing technology and bringing it to new heights.

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of polymer printing, Jay has built a legacy that embodies the very essence of what it means to be a true innovator with his unwavering commitment to excellence.

The logo represents the complex yet interconnected ecosystem of Dinsmore, encapsulating the essence of the company’s values and culture. The five dots around the logo depict the key components of Dinsmore’s success – its people, clients, partners, industry, and technology. The subtle inclusion of the letters ‘D & A’ symbolizes the legal entity name of Dinsmore & Associates, a testament to the company’s heritage and history. The journey of the Dinsmore logo is a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to adapt, anything is possible.


Unveiling the Art of Precision

ADDMAN Precision is a leading provider of CNC machining solutions. By leveraging the collective prowess of Domaille Engineering, Stanley Engineering, and Tech Manufacturing, ADDMAN Precision offers a comprehensive range of high-quality precision machining services. With state-of-the-art equipment, including 3-7-axis milling, turning centers, and wire EDM systems, ADDMAN Precision is equipped to handle projects of varying complexities. Whether it’s friction stir welding, micro to macro machined parts, kit assembly, deburring, deep hole manufacturing, or robust finishing and post-processing, ADDMAN Precision delivers exceptional results.

The name ADDMAN Precision was carefully chosen to underscore the company’s commitment to delivering precise and superior machining solutions. It reflects our focus on advanced manufacturing techniques and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every component and part meets the exact specifications and requirements. With a steadfast dedication to the highest quality standards in the industry, ADDMAN Precision is dedicated to meeting your CNC machining needs and providing innovative solutions for your business.

Powerful Alone, Better Together

Together, we offer cutting-edge solutions in metal and polymer 3D printing, Injection Molding, and Precision Machining. We provide a comprehensive approach to advanced manufacturing, ensuring that all your needs are met in one place. Join ADDMAN and our family of companies on this journey to revolutionize the way things are done and unlock the full potential of your business. With our expertise and commitment to innovation, you can expect meaningful results and improvements to your bottom line and final products. Let’s work together towards a better future and achieve great things.

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