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Employee Spotlight: Rich Quintana

Employee Spotlight: From One Machine to an Empire – The Journey of Rich Quintana

At ADDMAN Group, we pride ourselves on the people behind our innovations. People like Rich Quintana. An individual whose journey from polishing injection molded parts to supervising an ever-expanding rapid prototyping lab is nothing short of inspirational.

The Humble Beginnings:
Rich’s story with Dinsmore, a key player under the ADDMAN Group banner, began in 2007. Back then, Dinsmore operated with a single 3D machine nestled in a modest office room. Rich, with a background as a plastic injection mold polisher, was entrusted by Jay Dinsmore with overseeing this machine’s operations.

His learning methodology? Sheer curiosity and relentless questioning. Every interaction with the OEM engineer who delivered that machine, every trial and error, every setback and success contributed to his repository of knowledge. As he fondly states, his education was from the “school of hard knocks.”

The Growth Arc:

As days turned into months and then years, Dinsmore’s landscape began to evolve. More office space was acquired, additional machines were bought, and the workforce multiplied. With every phase of this transformation, there was Rich, played pivotal roles – from generating build reports and supervising builds to providing quotes. He reminisces about the initial days saying, “It was so small but so crazy and so fun. We learned everything the hard way but shared countless laughs along the journey.”

Fast forward to today, Dinsmore is a powerhouse in its domain. Machines, materials, parts, and a team of passionate professionals are everywhere. Reflecting on this meteoric rise, Rich remarks, “We could never have envisioned our present from our past. We were just a bunch of excited individuals trying to navigate the immediate future.”

The Present Role:

Rich’s present title? The Rapid Prototyping Lab Supervisor. His responsibilities span across various technologies. From troubleshooting software glitches to hardware hiccups and logistics dilemmas, Rich is the go-to fixer.

Highlighting Moments and Vision:

Inquire about his crowning achievement, and he instantly recalls the Oakley Angel showcased in London. When asked what sets Dinsmore apart, he asserts, “Decades of refining our unmatched service.”

Discussing his fondest memory with ADDMAN, he fondly remembers touring the new Fort Myers, Florida facility—a visit that offered a sneak peek into the company’s bright prospects and the expansive horizon of the additive industry.

What excites you about AM?

For him, it’s not just about crafting parts. It’s about the daily miracles of transforming liquids into functional components. It’s about the ever-changing landscape of projects ranging from space components to life-saving digital anatomy applications and automotive parts. “Every day presents something novel,” Rich claims, “and that’s the thrilling beauty of it.”

Beyond the Machines:

Rich is more than just a supervisor at Dinsmore. He enjoys playing guitar, painting, biking, and spending quality time with loved ones.

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