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Environmental Choices

The concept of environmental choices is all about the decisions we make that impact the planet. It’s about being conscious of our actions and taking steps to reduce our environmental impact. Every choice we make, from the products we buy to the way we travel, has an impact on the environment. At HARBEC, we have made a commitment to sustainability, and as a result, have implemented a range of environmentally-friendly practices that benefit not only the planet but also our business. By making choices that prioritize sustainability, we have been able to reduce our environmental impact by becoming carbon and water neutral, increase our operational efficiency, and save money.

As a Business

At HARBEC, we have made a conscious effort to make sustainable choices in our manufacturing practices. We have implemented a range of environmentally-friendly practices that not only benefit the planet but also our business. For example, our closed-loop manufacturing process means that we recycle and reuse as much material as possible, reducing waste and conserving resources. We have also installed renewable energy sources such as wind power, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and lowering our carbon footprint. Choosing to implement a closed-loop manufacturing process means that we recycle and reuse as much material as possible, reducing the amount of waste that produced. By choosing to implement a zero-waste-to-landfill program, HARBEC is not only reducing the environmental impact but also saving money on waste disposal costs.

As an Individual

It’s not just businesses that can make sustainable choices. As individuals, we can also take steps to reduce our environmental impact. For example, we can choose to buy products that are made from sustainable materials or that have been produced using environmentally-friendly processes. HARBEC has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee that helps employees and the company explore more sustainable opportunities. We even have employees that have chosen to be here because of our sustainability.

We all have choices about where we work and the path we took to get there. Meghan Britt, our Operational Excellence Lean Manager is no exception to that rule. Meghan has been working with HARBEC since 2020 in various roles starting as an intern, moving to Project Engineer for Injection Molding, and then to her position held today. When asked what led her to work for HARBEC, this was Meghan’s response,

“Working for HARBEC today stems from deciding to pursue engineering as a child. My father started his own business focusing on a new method to collect ground water for testing that reduces contamination risk of samples and damage to our underground water tables. My sisters and I helped our father by doing simple assembly work or placing stickers on packages. I quickly recognized that I could do the assembly work in half the time if I did batches of the same task versus one whole set at a time. I found a process and set up that made me more efficient. Ultimately, this is what led me to pursue Industrial Engineering. While helping my father I would learn more about his product and how it is supporting greener solutions to the planet. I would join in part pick-ups to which my father is a client of HARBEC. Seeing HARBEC’s 250kw wind turbine sparked even more curiosity in the inventions to grow a sustainable future.

During my time in college, I learned more about the sustainable solutions being created but noticed how little they were actually implemented. I realized that manufacturing environments have the impression that they are “grandfathered in” and don’t have to improve their environmental practices. Or that a manufacturing environment is not possible to be “green”.  My respect for HARBEC comes from all the efforts made over the last two decades proving that sustainable manufacturing environments are possible and can be environmentally friendly. Every day I get to see HARBEC’s sustainable manufacturing structure as something that will lead other businesses to follow and grow a better future for us all.”

With Communities

The choices we make can also have an impact on our local communities. At HARBEC, we are actively engaged in our community and work to educate and inspire others to adopt sustainable practices. As individuals, we can also make a difference by getting involved in local sustainability initiatives, supporting environmentally-friendly businesses and encouraging others to make sustainable choices. HARBEC’s CSR committee helps create learning opportunities by bringing in local organizations and sharing resources or ideas with fellow employees like composting, recycling, and even a community garden made by employees out of recycled palettes, for everyone to enjoy.

Ultimately, the concept of environmental choices is about recognizing that our actions have consequences and that we ALL-businesses and individuals alike, have the power to make positive changes. By making sustainable choices, we can help to reduce our impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future for ourselves and for generations to come.

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