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The Innovate and Elevate Open House

Join us at the “Innovate and Elevate: Rethinking Manufacturing with MJF” open house, presented in collaboration with Dinsmore and HP, and explore the transformative possibilities of MJF technology.

Discover the transformative power of MJF technology and its pivotal role in modern engineering at the “Innovate and Elevate: Rethinking Manufacturing with MJF” event, co-hosted by HP. This event offers an exclusive opportunity to explore how MJF can elevate your projects through focused tours, engaging discussions, and valuable networking opportunities. Enhance your industry knowledge and connections on the final day of your visit to Rapid + TCT. Join us for a special open house at Dinsmore, where you can delve deeper into the impactful benefits of MJF technology in a more intimate setting. We look forward to welcoming you for a day of innovation and discovery—don’t miss the chance to transform your engineering and product development strategies!

What to Expect

Date: June 27, 2024
Location: Dinsmore Office
1681 Kettering St, Irvine, CA 92614

Explore MJF technology to address modern engineering challenges at the “Innovate and Elevate: Rethinking Manufacturing with MJF” event. Discover how MJF transforms projects through tours, discussions, and networking. Enhance your industry knowledge and connections. Join us for a day of focused learning and discovery—we look forward to welcoming you!

Enjoy coffee and light refreshments as Joe Calmese (CEO, ADDMAN) and Jay Dinsmore (EVP, ADDMAN) welcome you to our facility. They will introduce the exciting activities planned for the day and highlight the key opportunities MJF technology offers to the industry.

Speakers: Joe Calmese, Jay Dinsmore

Dive into the technical aspects and advantages of MJF technology, presented by a specialist from HP. Discover how MJF stands apart in the field of polymer additive manufacturing.

Speakers: Coming soon

A current client will share their firsthand experience with MJF technology, including specific applications and outcomes. This session will conclude with a Q&A, offering you the chance to discuss real-world implementations.

Speaker: Coming soon

Led by Bill Braune and Jiazi Dinsmore, this tour will take you through the various stages of our production process. Experience how Dinsmore utilizes cutting-edge technologies to transform digital files into tangible products.

Guides: Bill Braune, Jiazi Dinsmore

Closing thoughts and a recap of the day’s insights and learnings, preparing you for further discussions and networking opportunities over lunch.

Speaker: Jay Dinsmore

Connect with fellow attendees, discuss potential collaborations, and share insights over a catered lunch. This relaxed setting is the perfect environment to foster new relationships and discuss future projects.


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Together, Delivering Excellence

Dinsmore is proud to be a key partner in HP’s Digital Manufacturing Network. As a recognized leader in digital manufacturing, we are equipped to accelerate your business’s digital transformation through the strategic use of 3D printed parts. Our collaboration with HP enables us to offer rapid innovation and quicker time-to-market, empowering distributed manufacturing and streamlining your supply chain. Join us in reshaping the future of manufacturing, where agility and efficiency are at the forefront of production.