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Leveraging ADDMAN's Expertise in Advanced Manufacturing for Undersea Drones


Navigating the Depths: How 3D Printed Niobium Transforms Underwater Electrical Systems

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Corporate Headquarters

Innovation & Development
Fort Myers, FL


Metal Additive
Thousand Oaks, CA


Polymer 3D Production Center
Irvine, CA


Injection Molding
Rochester, NY

ADDMAN Precision

(Tech Manufacturing) CNC Machining
St. Louis, MO

ADDMAN Precision

(Domaille Engineering) CNC Machining
Rochester, MN

ADDMAN Precision

(Stanley Engineering) CNC Machining
Baltimore, MD

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August 12, 2022

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August 10, 2022

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August 7, 2022

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Joe Calmese

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Saberton

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Chris DePonte

Chief Financial Officer

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Vincenzo Furbini

Chief Operating Officer

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Castheon Hypersonics

Hypersonics by Castheon set performance standards for space and missile applications. We swiftly 3D print and deliver hypersonic parts to meet accelerated testing demands. Utilizing top-notch refractory metal alloys, advanced cooling designs, and streamlined geometries, we craft low-drag hypersonic components for exceptional speed and altitude.

Thrusters, Nozzles, & Injectors

ADDMAN designs and produces Thrusters, Nozzles, & Injectors for many applications ranging from low cost to high performance. We deliver critical components for optimal flow, temperature control, and thrust efficiency.

Thermal Management

ADDMAN specializes in delivering solutions that conduct heat into and out of delicate and specialized systems. Ranging from cold plates, to heat sinks, to heat exchangers, to battery cell components we have decades of experience providing premium quality and high value parts. Our expertise covers the full gamut of materials and manufacturing techniques, including ultra-high performance 3D printed cold plates.

Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures

At ADDMAN, we excel in precision tooling, jigs, and fixtures. Our cutting-edge CNC Machining and 3D Printing offer diverse solutions for your manufacturing needs.

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