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Accelerating Change Through Awareness: World Water Day 2023

The guest blog post  below  was written by Kate Chamberlain of HARBEC. HARBEC joined ADDMAN in 2022, and leads by example in the name of sustainable manufacturing

On March 22nd, we celebrate World Water Day, an annual event held since 1993 to raise awareness of the global water crisis and the two billion people living without access to safe water. This year’s theme focuses on accelerating change through awareness, learning, sharing, and taking action to solve the water and sanitation crisis. See our video message from our founder, Bob Bechtold to learn more.

Water Footprint

At HARBEC, we take our Water Footprint seriously, measuring the amount of water we use and minimize our use of potable water for industrial activities. We have become “Water Neutral,” meaning we are accountable for the potable water our industrial activities by first, minimizing the use and second, purchasing offsets. These Water Restoration Certificates® (WRCs) from BEF restore water to critically dewatered rivers and streams. Our purchase, combined with that of other BEF partners, helps restore the ecological, recreational and economic health of critical freshwater ecosystems. We are also proud to have partnered with several local companies that share our commitment to water and the environment.

Positive Partnerships

Nalgene Water bottle with Easy Sipper Caps


One of our water partners is Nalgene, a renowned brand of water bottles known for their quality and sustainability. Nalgene is committed to reducing waste, improving access to clean water, and providing simple, safe, and sustainable products. In 2019, they created “The Nalgene Water Fund” to support domestic communities struggling with access to clean water by partnering with grassroots nonprofits to raise funds and awareness. We have worked with Nalgene on various projects over the last 20 years, and the parts we have made for them have saved 21,480 pounds of carbon since 2019.

To celebrate World Water Day, we partnered with Nalgene to provide our employees with a water bottle made of recycled material and the easy sipper we make. We have encouraged our employees to use reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste created by disposable bottles. Our water fountains have saved an astounding number of water bottles over the years, and we are proud to be making a difference.

Ugandan Water Project India Mark II hand pump

Ugandan Water Project

Our second water partner is The Ugandan Water Project, a nonprofit located about 40 miles from us. They aim to see Uganda as a nation liberated from the bondage of water-borne disease and poverty, providing rainwater collection systems, borehole well rehabilitation, new borehole wells, hollow fiber membrane water filters, hygiene, and sanitation systems. We recently partnered with them to develop and produce a replacement gaskets for the India Mark II hand pump. Used by over ½ billion people, the gaskets  wear quickly and often need replacement after 1 year and then go unused because it is too costly to repair or replace. Our replacement part is designed to last 5 years, providing more water to more communities for longer and an opportunity to revive abandoned wells.

Snap Sampler

Snap Sampler

Another local customer we are proud to work with is ProHydro, Inc., which developed the Snap Sampler passive groundwater sampling method. This award winning, unique device allows for better samples, easier and faster while costing less than alternative testing methods. Snap Sampler has also contributed to D7929 ASTM standard.  By working with us since 2005, ProHydro/QED has omitted a significant amount of carbon from the environment.

Better Water Maker

Better Water Maker

Finally, we are proud to have developed The Better Water Maker, a UV water treatment device that uses minimal energy to filter and treat contaminated water with UV light. Under the guidance of our founder, Bob Bechtold, and his nonprofit B9 Plastics, the product is currently being distributed by Solageo, which is expanding its capabilities into water kiosks to help hundreds of people in communities all over the developing world, with the option to be solar-powered.

Make a Difference

We are proud of our water partners and appreciate the opportunity to share their good work with the world. We can all make a difference in our environment and water footprints by doing more with less and supporting local companies that make a difference every day. Check out our blog for more information about the carbon savings available for our customers.

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